Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday 29th April 2009


Today we have been learning about free software. I learnt that free software does not only mean that it is free financially but that it is also free for anyone to access the information and change or alter it as they see fit.

Some software programmes include:- Gimp - similar to photoshop, Open Office - powerpoint etc., Ubuntu - computer operating system, Blender - 3D Animation, Inkscape - graphics.

Here is a video that demonstrates the use of free software:-

Stephen Fry on free software from DragonWeb on Vimeo.

I think the simplicity in which Stephen Fry discusses free software is very down to earth.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday 8th April 2009


Today we learnt about Copyright. I copied a favourite image of Rita Angus and then looked into her copyright. Which read:-

Copyright Notice

New Zealand Fine Prints Ltd Copyright Notice

The images of artworks on www.prints.co.nz are made viewable for the sole purpose of promoting and selling the original copyrighted prints/posters from their authorised source.

All suppliers to New Zealand Fine Prints Ltd supply prints/posters on the understanding that we may make artworks viewable in electronic or other means for the purpose of promoting and selling these artworks.

Images, graphics and other information from www.prints.co.nz may not be sold, reproduced or distributed for any other purpose than that given above.

I then listened to Case Study 1 - George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" song and The Cliffons "He's so Fine" and came to the conclusion that George Harrison maybe had unconsciously copied the Cliffons song. Listen yourself: http://www.benedict.com/Audio/harrison/harrison.aspx

Next for Case Study 2 - I observed Bruce Willis in the movie 12 monkeys and noticed that the chair used in the movie was very similar to the chair that Lebbeus Woods created by pencil in Germany in 1987. Have a look yourself and make a comment as to what you think?

For my Case Study 3 - I watched http://keirdotnet.net/music/KeirSmith_OhSoCriminal.mp4
video clip which was a response to the Australian Governments's new Fair Use act. I think most of his work is copied but in an artistic way which makes the viewer think that maybe everything is copied from some orginal source. What do you think?