Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wednesday 10th June - Presentation Day

This is my final blog before the big presentation in just over an hour. Exciting stuff. I presented my project for project drawing on Monday, above is my original project and I have played around on photo shop to create some fun images from my original project.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Electronic Artists

corby and baily are electronic artists I looked at.

Their work combines two contemporary phenomena - severe weather and polarized nature of debate.

This is one of their images:-

another electronic artist is 0100101110101101.org

restless european con-artists who go outside the square to create havoc with the largest visibility with minimal effect.

One piece of work is An ordinary building - where an unusal sign appeared overnight causing controversy.


5 different websites


For interesting conversations and discussions.


For funny tricks and pranks


For dance video clips


Where Kiwi's can have a voice about different topics


For the latest news in New Zealand

Slideshare Powerpoint Presentation

I have opened up an account with Slideshare and downloaded my powerpoint presentation to this site.

Here is the video.


This is my link to my web site.


For privacy reasons I have decided not to put my CV on line.